The HR Department administers County HR management programs and activities. This includes the Center for Employee Health & Wellness, Classification, Compliance and Ethics, EMACS, Recruitment, Employee Relations, Employee Benefits and Services and Equal Employment Opportunity.

The HR Department provides oversight to the following commissions

  • Equal Opportunity Commission
  • Civil Service Commission

Our Team

The Center for Employee Health and Wellness, managed by Occupational Medicine providers, is a place where you can go for all of your occupational health needs. The Center is a professional and friendly environment where you can access health care information and treatment in a confidential manner. The Center’s mission is to ensure a healthy workforce by providing high quality, cost effective, and confidential medical care that maximizes mental, social and physical health assessments.

The Classification and Compensation Unit develops and maintains the County’s job classifications and compensation plan with equity and consistency by establishing new, and reviewing existing classifications and salaries to ensure appropriate placement within County Departments. We provide related analysis and consultation to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational structures and ensure market competitiveness and internal equity.  The Classification and Compensation Unit supports the County of San Bernardino’s efforts to attract, retain, and motivate the most competent and talented team members to continuously provide exceptional service to the employees and residents of San Bernardino County.

Customer care, care for employees, human resources, life insurance, employment agency and marketing segmentation concepts.

The purpose of the Office of Compliance and Ethics (OCE) is to promote a countywide culture that safeguards compliance and ethical conduct through assessment, mitigation, policy creation and modification, monitoring, guidance, and training.

The Employee Management and Compensation System (EMACS) is the County’s automated payroll system. EMACS-HR, Auditor Controller Recorder and Innovation and Technology staff work cooperatively to ensure all County employees are enrolled in the correct benefits and are paid timely and correctly.

The Employment Division recruits, tests and certifies County applicants for employment. Activities include comprehensive recruitment planning, application processing, testing and placing candidates on certification lists. This division also administers the employment appeal/complaint process, ensuring that employee selection meet legal requirements, and assists displaced County employees in their job search. Our current goal is to find and implement ways of providing a higher level of service to ensure that the employment process is as efficient and effective as possible. To this end, we have implemented an automated certification process and we have installed an on-line interactive application process.

The Employee Relations Division provides quality employee and labor relations services to managers and employees of the County. Services include labor negotiations, discipline and grievance administration, management-union relations, consultations with operating department managers and Human Resources management.

The Employee Benefits and Services Division provides comprehensive benefits and services to eligible employees, retirees and their dependents through strategic planning, negotiation and implementation of County benefit programs. Services include health, vision and dental plan options, life insurance, medical reimbursement plans, dependent care assistance, disability plans, salary savings, wellness programs and leave programs.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) provides competent, impartial and thorough investigations of complaints of discriminatory or sexually harassing treatment occurring within the workplace. Applies the State mandated Interactive Process with employees needing workplace accommodations for their physical and mental disabilities to properly fulfill the essential functions of their jobs. The Unit provides advice and training on discrimination and disability accommodation issues and assistance with liability assessments. The Unit prepares the County’s federally mandated EEO Plan and provides EEO compliance assistance for federal contracts and grants.

The Western Region Item Bank (WRIB) functions as a cooperative testing resource managed by the County of San Bernardino. The item bank contains over 54,000 multiple-choice questions in over 300 topic areas. These questions are used in the development of customized employment selection tests for the County, as well as 375 other public agencies nationwide. We also provide consultation on test development, construction, and review.