Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential and free service offered by the County of San Bernardino that provides assistance with a variety of personal challenges at no cost to you or your family. Professionally trained advisors are available to help with family problems, marital concerns, financial and legal matters, stress, depression, and other challenges that may be affecting your personal life. Advisors are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How to Use the Employee Assistance Program

Employees and their families may access these services today by contacting LifeWorks by any of the following:

  • Call LifeWorks at 1.800.234.2939
  • Download the Android or Apple App
  • Go online by visiting one.telushealth.com and entering the below credentials:
    • Username: COSB
    • Password: LifeWorks

Services include 5 consultations per issue, with an unlimited number of issues allowed per calendar year. Appointments may be available via phone, video, or in-person based on your assessment. 

Free Counseling and Resources for Employees and Families 

EAP can help you with the following topics and more: 

  • Life: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Grief or Loss, and Community Resources 
  • Family: Parenting, Separation or Divorce, Blended Families, Caring for Older Adults, and Education 
  • Finance: Saving, Debt Management, Estate Planning or Wills, and Home Buying or Renting 
  • Health: Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep, Addiction or Recovery, and Smoking Cessation 

Health & Wellness Coaching Program

EAP Coaching programs can help you get answers, find support, set goals, maintain motivation and gain more control in the following areas:

  • Stress Management – A flexible program designed to help you reduce the harmful effects of stress, tailored to your preferences and goals
  • Diabetes Prevention – A program aimed to people who have been diagnosed with high blood sugar levels that are not yet in the diabetic range, or who have concerns about developing diabetes
  • Weight Management – This program focuses on lifestyle changes you can stick with for life. Our coaches will assist you with effective, practical guidelines for creating your own healthy eating and exercise plan to help you reach your goals
  • Tobacco/Nicotine Cessation – Get the personalized support and tools you need to help you quit smoking or using tobacco and nicotine products for good
  • Sleep Habit Management – Identify current barriers to getting a good night’s sleep, establish strategies for overcoming them and create specific goals for better sleep habits
  • Ask a Coach – The Ask a Coach program is a single session unique approach which is ‘outside the box’ of traditional coaching

For More Information

Call LifeWorks EAP at 800.234.2939 

Go online by visiting one.telushealth.com and entering the below credentials :
Username: COSB
Password: LifeWorks

Download the App