The County recognizes the business, societal, and personal benefits available through a carefully planned and managed telework program. Telework, as a work program, enables the County to optimize resources and maintain employee productivity during County, State or Federal emergencies. Telework, as an element of transportation management programs, can also help the County support social responsibility and the State of California’s climate goals and ease traffic congestion in our communities.

County Telework Program

Telework (also known as telecommuting) is an alternative work arrangement available to qualifying County employees to work from a remote workplace, such as one’s home or satellite office, rather than commuting to a designated worksite. You must have a signed Telework Agreement on file with your department in order to telework. 

Telework Program Documents


Teleworkers are eligible for Rideshare Incentives!
Visit the HR Commuter Services page to find out more.

PERC Telework Training

Time Reporting

Effective Pay Period 27 of 2020, teleworking employees are responsible for accurately coding their timesheet to reflect hours spent in a telework arrangement each pay period.

  • Telework hours are reported in a separate row distinct from typical time reporting. EMACS users should use companion code TELWO for this row.
  • Telework time reporting is used solely for tracking purposes and will not be used to calculate pay or benefits.
  • Contact your department’s payroll specialist if you have questions on how to report your time.

  • Additional Telework Resources

    This 20 minute recorded webinar from the LifeWorks employee assistance program address some of the challenges and best practices for working in a remote team to create an effective and enjoyable experience for everyone.
    Webinar may require login credentials: Username:COSB Password:LifeWorks