Equal Employment Opportunity

A retaliation complaint is having a negative impact enforced upon you once you’ve filed an EEO complaint or taken part in an EEO complaint as a witness.

Harassment occurs in many forms. In general, it is unwelcome, unwanted and repeated behavior based upon race, age, national origin, disability, religion, or any other protected class which is abusive, humiliating or threatening. Sexual harassment is a form of harassment involving visual, physical and verbal behavior of a sexual nature.

Unfortunately, no. Due to confidentiality requirements, we are unable to provide a copy of the reports.

There are employment practices that you feel may be unfair but are not illegal. Unless you have information that supports your belief that you have been discriminated against with respect to a basis provided in federal, state, and County EEO law, the EEO Office may not be able to substantiate your complaint. However, a representative from the EEO Office can discuss your concerns with you and may refer you to other County resources.

No, normally you may come in on county time. However, you must make an appointment first, and you must notify your supervisor. An appointment may also be made during a lunch period or before/after normal work hours.

Some departments conduct their own EEO investigations or they can be referred to our office, DFEH or EEOC. This is based on the preference of the complainant. We are neutral fact-finders. We are not for the complainant or for the County department involved. We are for the law.

Our investigator reviews your complaint form, interviews you, the person(s) you allege have discriminated against you, and witnesses you have identified. All written documents are reviewed. The information gathered during the investigation is evaluated with compliance with federal, state and County EEO law to determine if discrimination has occurred.

The EEO Office conducts all investigations in as confidential of a manner as possible. However, legal procedures may require disclosure of certain information.

You may contact EEO to arrange an appointment or you may ask that a complaint form be sent to you.

Contact your supervisor and/or human resources officer to schedule an Interactive Process (IAP) appointment to discuss a possible accommodation.

Under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the County will explore reasonable accommodations to your disability throughout the selection process and in the workplace. If you need an accommodation, you should submit a Special Testing Accommodations Request [pdf].