A change in a position must be substantial to justify reclassification to a position within a higher salary range. Therefore, not all audits result in reclassification. If you are notified that your position is properly classified and you would like a more detailed explanation, the analyst who conducted the job audit is available to discuss the decision.

Technical title changes generally do not have an impact on incumbents where there has been no substantial change in the relevant duties or job requirements.

If your position is upgraded, you are not automatically promoted. First, the Board of Supervisors must approve a recommendation from Human Resources to reclassify your position. If the Board approves the reclassification, you must participate in an examination and appointment process unless the Civil Service Commission waives the examination. A waiver of examination is appropriate if you have been in the position performing the higher-level duties of the new class for the length of the established probationary period. Human Resources will coordinate the waiver process.

Human Resources does not approve submitted requests, but will conduct a review/study, which may result in a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors’ for their approval. If the outcome of a review/study requires Board of Supervisors’ approval, Human Resources will ensure the recommendation is included on the next appropriate Board Agenda Item.

When a job audit is conducted, the supervisor of the position is contacted first and ultimately an appointment is scheduled between the analyst and the incumbent. Most audits take about an hour and should be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. You and your supervisor should identify a private office in which the interview can be held. If you forget to mention something in the interview, you can call or e-mail additional information directly to the analyst or supervisor. Some audits may be conducted by telephone.

Job audits involve interviews with both the incumbent and the supervisor of a position. These interviews give Human Resources a detailed description and a broad overview of the position being audited. Job audits are conducted to evaluate the duties that constitute the position, not the performance or qualifications of the incumbent.

The classification of positions is based on analysis of the duties performed, responsibilities, supervision received or exercised, organizational structure, and qualifications necessary to perform those duties. A class may include one or more positions.

Classification is the process used to categorize jobs by representation unit, series, class, and salary range according to similarities and differences in duties, responsibilities, and minimum requirements. Positions are classified in an effort to provide fair and consistent treatment of employees in terms of responsibility and pay. Human Resources also helps in designing organizational structures and recruiting for County departments.