As the Occupational Medicine Clinic for the County, some of the services provided include:

  • Pre-placement medical examinations. New hires are required to have a pre-placement examination.
  • Medical care for employees that have a work related injury or illness. The Center provides acute medical care for employees that are injured on the job. Employees can come in on a walk-in basis on the day of sustaining an injury during clinics’ hours of operation, otherwise, an appointment should be scheduled by the employee’s department. Please bring in your completed Medical Service Order form which authorizes your medical care.
  • Special evaluations and services for employees that work in jobs that may expose them to chemicals or agents known to cause disease. These are called medical surveillance examinations and these may be completed annually or every two years. Examples are TB testing programs and commercial driver’s license examinations.
  • Evaluations for employees returning to work with job modifications/restrictions. Refer to your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Exempt Compensation Plan.

Fitness-for-duty evaluations are performed when there is a question about the employee’s ability to work per your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Exempt Compensation Plan.