Start-up Incentive

The County partners with IE Commuter to offer County employees a $4/day incentive for every day you rideshare for new rideshare participants who track a minimum of 5 qualifying rideshare days per month for three consecutive months*.

  • Sign up at IE Commuter to submit your tracking and incentive application electronically.
  • The start-up incentive is offered only for the first three calendar months of ridesharing, so you may want to start ridesharing on the first of the month to maximize your incentive.
  • Distributed approximately 120 days after your program participation start date. 
  • IE Commuter provides $5 per day in the form of an Amazon gift card; the County will provide an additional $2 per day added directly to your pay warrant.
  • Trip logs may be audited for accuracy against timecard data.

* IE Commuter does not incentivize ZEV commutes, or commuters who live outside a certain geographic region. In these cases, you will need to complete the paper claim form and the County will provide a $4 incentive. If you are ineligible for the IE Commuter Start Up Incentive, the County will provide a $4 incentive.

How to Earn Rideshare Rewards

Earn rewards when you commute to or from work by logging your eligible trips in SBtrip. When commuting via a Smart Commute Mode, you can log up to two trips per day. If you use multiple travel modes, the mode that covers the longest distance for that trip should be logged. Create an account to start logging your trips and claiming your rewards!

Your trip logs may be audited for accuracy against timecard data. County employees who fraudulently report rideshare participation to earn incentives may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with County Personnel Rules.

Ongoing Rideshare Rewards

Earn the following rewards when you log the minimum number of trips required.

ModeIncentiveTrip RequiredIssued
ALL$25 Bi-Annual Cash (Gift Card)60+ per 6 monthsSemi-Annually
ALLMonthly Prize Drawing4+ per monthMonthly
ZEV$250 cash reward144+ (24+ trips a month for 6 months)One-Time
TransitTransit pass subsidy up to $16/month30+ per monthMonthly
CarpoolParking Permit4+ per weekSemi-Annually
BikeBike Locker4+ per monthUpon request
Bike$20/month bike expense, reimbursement up to $240/year20+ per monthUpon request

In addition to the above incentives, the County also offers pre-tax payroll deductions for the vanpool and transit pass programs. Vanpools also qualify for additional subsidies to help lower the cost of participation.


Note: Pursuant to IRC 74 & IRC 3121(a)(20), the value of an award or prize given by an employer to an employee is considered taxable wages and may be subject to Federal Income tax.