In order to address the staffing needs of County departments experiencing a strain on resources and/or increased workloads due to the COVID-19 emergency, we have developed a system in which County departments may request assistance and submit names of available staff to temporarily support these affected areas.

Department Redeployment Identification List

Departments will identify and submit a list of employees who are available to support COVID-19 response or department stability initiatives. Identified employees will be activated by Human Resources, in collaboration with supervisors, and assigned to disaster response (critical) positions based on their job classification. Join the SBC COVID-19 Response Team.

Emergency Staffing Request

Departments who identify a need for temporary staff may submit a request for assistance, using the Emergency Staffing Request Form. Human Resources will review the emergency staffing request and identify re-deployable employees who possess the necessary qualifications to meet department needs.

Submission Process

Email your staffing requests to: