The Modified Benefit Option (MBO) provides the following:

  • A higher salary, $1.75 more per hour above base rate
  • Flexible Paid Time Off (PTO) in lieu of separate use-specific leave accruals
  • The choice of the following medical plan options:
    • Electing the lower-premium, higher deductible Blue Shield Access+ and Kaiser Choice HMO OR
    • Maintaining current medical plan, while receiving a slightly lower Medical Premium Subsidy (MPS)
  • Additionally, your higher salary will be considered as part of the base hourly rate when calculating:
    • County Contribution to RMT,
    • Qualified Differentials,
    • Sick Leave Cash-Outs to RMT, and
    • Leave Cash-Outs

How to Enroll in MBO

New Hire/Qualifying Event/Open Enrollment

*If enrolling in the MBO open enrollment, changes cannot be made through EMACS self-service. Forms below must be completed and returned to your Payroll Specialist.

Step 1

Complete the Modified Benefit Option (MBO) Election Form:

Step 2

Choose your benefit options:

Existing Employee – Qualifying Event- If you are satisfied with your current plan, no other forms are needed other than the MBO Election form. If you want to make changes to your medical plan elections you will need to complete the following forms (as applicable).

New Employee – Decide which plans you wish to enroll in.

Premium Deduction Election Form Required if you choose to enroll in the MBO and wish to enroll in a medical and/or dental insurance plan.

Medical Plan Enrollment/Change Form – Required if you choose to enroll in any medical insurance plan, except Blue Shield Bronze PPO plan.

Dental Plan Enrollment/Change Form – Required if you choose to enroll in a dental insurance plan.

FSA Enrollment Form – Required if you choose the Blue Shield Bronze PPO plan and wish to enroll in the FSA plan to receive your County match.

Life Insurance and AD&D Enrollment Form– Required if you wish to enroll your Spouse/Domestic Partner, dependent children or yourself in Supplemental Life and/or Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance.

Step 3

Submit your completed forms to your Payroll Specialist.

How to Dis-enroll from the MBO

To dis-enroll in the MBO complete the appropriate Modified Benefit Option (MBO) Election Form and submit to your Payroll Specialist.