Blue Shield is committed to partnering with the County to provide retirees and their eligible dependents with the best possible care. Blue Shield health plans include extensive networks, pharmacy benefits, Nurse Help 24/7, Teledoc and a variety of health programs.


Medicare Plans Customer Service: 1.800.776.4466

Non-Medicare Plans Customer Service: 1.855.256.9404

Blue Shield PPO Medicare Coordination of Benefits (COB)

The Blue Shield PPO Medicare COB plan is offered to Medicare-eligible retirees. The PPO Medicare COB plan works just like a traditional PPO plan, but coordinates the cost of care with Medicare as the primary payer. The Blue Shield PPO Medicare COB plan gives you coverage beyond Original Medicare, with an increased network of providers. You may seek care from any provider in the United States but pay less out of pocket costs when you use a Blue Shield PPO Medicare COB in-network or contracted provider.

Blue Shield 65 Plus HMO

Blue Shield offers a Medicare Advantage plan for Medicare-eligible retirees and their dependents. The Blue Shield 65 Plus HMO plan includes a vast network of contracted physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and medical professionals to give you access to the best possible care. The Prescription Drug Plan for Medicare offers coverage for many commonly prescribed brand name drugs and easy to use as your medical and drug benefits are integrated into one plan with only one ID card.

Blue Shield Signature HMO

Blue Shield Signature HMO for retirees is an HMO-style plan with the added benefit of allowing you to utilize a PPO level specialist (within the network, but outside your Medical Group) for examinations and evaluations. You choose between two tiers of benefits. Level 1 (HMO) or Level 2 (PPO) – whenever you need care.

Blue Shield Trio HMO

Trio HMO is an HMO-style plan with a dedicated network designed to deliver a coordinated, effective, and efficient care experience. It is made up of a subset of Independent Practice Association (IPAs), medical groups, and affiliated physicians from the Access+ HMO. With the Trio HMO plan, you get access to a quality network of doctors, hospitals, and other providers at an affordable price.

Blue Shield TrBlue Shield PPO

If freedom of choice is what you want, then the Blue Shield PPO is the plan for you. You can go to any doctor or hospital in the Blue Shield PPO network or you can choose to see a provider not in the Blue Shield PPO network – it’s your choice! Some services may be covered only when you receive them from in-network physicians and facilities.