It Pays To Be At Work!

When you earn perfect attendance at work, you will receive additional leave time (PAL) -or- reimbursement for a one-year paid health club membership.


Employees who meet the qualifications will be eligible to receive Perfect Attendance rewards. Depending on bargaining unit, employees may be eligible to receive up to 16 hours of additional leave time -or- receive reimbursement for a one-year paid health club membership up to $299 (must be employee-only club membership).

*Hours will be prorated for employees who are scheduled less than eighty (80) hours per pay period. For example, employees scheduled for seventy-two (72) hours per pay period will receive 14.4 hours of PAL time -or- reimbursement for a health club membership up to $269.

How to Qualify

The County’s Perfect Attendance Program rewards employees who meet the following criteria. To qualify for Perfect Attendance you must:

  • Be a full-time employee (some bargaining units may vary)
  • Be hired on/or before Pay Period (PP) 01 (2023)
  • Be in an eligible occupational unit, employment contract, ordinance, or compensation plan
  • Not have used any of the following for the 2023 calendar year (PP 01 through PP 26):
    • Sick leave (SCK, SCKAE)
    • Sick family leave (SCKFM, SCKAF)
    • Occupational illness or injury leave (OCU, OCUS), including 4850 time
    • Short or long term disability leave (HSF, HSP)
    • Military leave when applicable (MILLV, WOPML)
    • Medical Emergency Leave (MEL, MLSAE, MSAF, MLSCK, MLSCF)
    • Absent without pay leave (WOPAP, WOPUA, WOPSK, WOPOI)
    • Any leave (e.g., vacation) in lieu of sick leave
  • Be enrolled in the Traditional Benefit Option (TBO); the Modified Benefit Option (MBO) does not qualify for Perfect Attendance.

Qualification for Perfect Attendance is determined by the payroll system in cooperation with the department payroll specialist. If you do not receive a Perfect Attendance notification email or letter with forms (if applicable), please check first with your department’s payroll specialist.

Perfect Attendance Letters 2023

Perfect Attendance Forms 2023

The following forms are only required for employees in specific bargaining groups eligible for Health Club Membership reimbursement.

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