The Kaiser Permanente Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans are available only to employees and their eligible dependents living or working within the Kaiser Permanente zip code service areas of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Kern and Ventura Counties. Certain outlying zip codes within the County are not eligible for coverage through Kaiser Permanente. Please contact Kaiser Permanente’s member service number to verify that you are in an eligible service area.

You and your family can count on quality care and coverage under the County’s Kaiser Permanente HMO plans. Call the Member Services line about questions regarding benefits, claims or eligibility, if you need a member identification (ID) card, or if you want to file a grievance. Lines are open 24 hours, seven (7) days a week, except holidays.-

Website: Kaiser Permanente

County Kaiser Website: Kaiser Permanente |  San Bernardino County

Toll Free Member Services: 1.800.464.4000

Kaiser Virtual Complete Plan

Kaiser Virtual Complete (VC) Plan gives you several ways to access high-quality virtual care that’s both affordable and convenient. You get to choose how to get care, by taking full advantage of the many no-cost virtual care options while having access to in-person primary care whenever you need it.

Note: This is a plan with a $500 calendar year deductible. If you are enrolling in coverage, please carefully review the benefit summary to ensure a full understanding of the benefit levels provided under the plan.

Virtual Complete offering:

  • Virtual Care
    • Primary care, specialty care, and more
  • In-person preventative care
    • Routine physicals, screenings, and immunizations
  • In-person office visits
    • Primary care, mental health, and many more
  • Lab tests
  • Generic prescriptions