DeltaCare USA DHMO features:

DeltaCare USA is a prepaid “HMO-style” dental plan that contracts with more than 3,800 general and specialty dentists in the DeltaCare network in California.

DeltaCare USA DHMO features:

  • No claim forms
  • No deductibles
  • No annual maximum benefit
  • Out-of-pocket savings are substantial
  • Specialty services available
  • Preexisting conditions are not excluded, except for work in progress

The primary care dentist will provide most of your treatment and will coordinate specialty care services as needed. The DHMO plan offers predictable costs with fixed copayments (if any) for preventive, basic and major services. A provider directory is available online at Detailed DHMO plan information can be viewed in the resources below.

Delta Dental is the County’s dental plan carrier and provides dental coverage for both DHMO and DPPO plans. For a brief overview of the DHMO and DPPO plans view the Dental Comparison Chart in the Employee Benefits Guide.

Refer to the Benefit Plan Documents for detailed plan information.

Delta Dental DPPO Plan

Delta Dental DPPO is a DPPO style plan that provides coverage through individually contracted dental providers. The DPPO plan pays a percentage of the fee for service and has a set calendar year maximum per person. Orthodontia is a covered benefit and has a separate set lifetime maximum per person. The DPPO plan allows for freedom of choice in provider selection, as you may change between in-network and out-of-network providers without pre-authorization from Delta Dental.