Blue Shield Signature HMO

Blue Shield Signature HMO is an HMO-style plan with the added benefit of allowing you to utilize a PPO level specialist (within the network, but outside your Medical Group) for examinations and evaluations. You choose between two tiers of benefits. Level 1 (HMO) or Level 2 (PPO) – whenever you need care.

Blue Shield Access + HMO

Blue Shield Access + HMO plan offers comprehensive benefits balanced with lower bi-weekly costs. The plan requires you to select a Primary Care Physician who will direct you on how to access services. As an Access + HMO member, you can self-refer to a specialist in the same medical group as your Primary Care Physician. The Access + pharmacy benefits include Tier 1 through 4 drugs and specialty drugs.

For more information about Blue Shield of California’s services please visit the Blue Shield of California Website.

Refer to the Benefit Plan Documents for detailed plan information.

Call Blue Shield’s member services at 855.829.3566 or go to Blue Shield’s web site at for more information.

Blue Shield PPO Plans

PPO: Blue Shield PPO is a preferred provider organization. A PPO is a medical plan that offers you a choice between an in-network group of providers who offer their services at discounted rates and out-of-network providers without discounted rates.

Needles PPO is only available to employees who are stationed to work in the Baker, Trona, or Needles areas.

Bronze PPO is only available to employees who meet certain criteria.

Note: This is high deductible/high coinsurance medical plan. If you are enrolling in coverage, please carefully review the benefit summary to ensure a full understanding of the benefit levels provided under the plan.

Blue Shield California